Diesel tank mobile Fuel Box 0950 + 240 ltr stainless steel adblue tank +

The Roost Olie steel IBC Fuel Box capacity 950 liters: Quality, simple, robust and compact. This version is equipped with a 240 liter stainless steel Adblue tank. The Fuel Box may also be used temporarily stationary at company level in contrast to a plastic mobile IBC tank. Environmental services currently strictly monitor for misuse of IBCs. The Fuel Box mobile diesel tanks offered are both Kiwa and ADR / UN 1202 approved. This allows them to be used mobile at the enterprise level without restrictions. The Fuel Box has the following advantages: - Both Kiwa and ADR UN 1202 approved - Very solidly equipped with galvanized corners & lid - Bottom 8 cm are thick-walled -> fork-lift truck-proofed - Anti siphon valve, tilting valve, gauge device - Piusi pump 12 v, cap 25-40 liters for the diesel - Incl Cim Tek filter, K-24 digital counter and automatic gun valve for the diesel - Piusi Adblue pump 12v - Incl. K-24 digital counter and automatic pistol valve for the Adblue - easily and cheaply inspectable, according to regulations every 2.5 years - Refueling diesel and Adblue from the same refueling system Dimensions: L = 141 cm / W = 110 cm / H = 129 cm Steel IBC tanks are intended for transport and temporary storage (for example on a construction site). For permanent storage, a stationary tank (plastic or steel) with KIWA certificate is required. Price (€ 3,450) excluding 21% VAT Shipping costs € 76.36 Warranty: 1 year complete

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